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Bongil Bongil National Park

This park lies just north of Repton on the mid-north coast of NSW. Take the Repton turn-off from the Pacific Highway for the Bundagen Rainforest Walk and North Beach, which are reached from Tuckers Rocks Road, Repton. The Scrub Creek rainforest picnic area is at the end of School Road, off Overhead Bridge Rd just north of Tuckers Rocks Road. Bongil Bongil’s Aboriginal name means ‘a place where one stays a long time because of the abundance of food’. The area was a popular place for the local Gumbaynggir people until the 1960s, as bush tucker and seafood were plentiful. The community was largely unaffected by Europeans until timber plantations were established in the 1970s. Bundagen Head, the rock near Bundagen Head, the mouth of Bundagen Creek and Tuckers Rocks are all sites of significance to Aboriginal people. Scatterings of Aboriginal objects are found at various locations throughout the park.The land and waterways, and the plants and animals that live in them, feature in all facets of Aboriginal culture – including recreational, ceremonial, spiritual and as a main source of food and medicine. They are associated with dreaming stories and cultural learning that is still passed on today.

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