Urunga Wetlands – November Update

Bellinger Snapping Turtle at Urunga Wetlands Nov 2018
Bellinger Snapping Turtle at Urunga Wetlands Nov 2018 – Photo by John Bennett who lives in Valla Beach.

Urunga Wetlands – November Update

Since it was officially opened 18 months ago, Urunga Wetlands has become a favourite destination for both locals and visitors. The existing vegetation have grown enormously as have plantings by Brett and Kris who were contracted to maintain the area for five years (now 3½).

The self-seeded casuarinas have grown thickly on the sides of the mono-cell which contains the toxic residue from the antimony processing mine abandoned in 1974 and apart from the grassy mound, there is now no sign that the mine ever existed here.

The aquatic plants are spreading throughout the wetland, much to the approval of the ducks and coots, etc. which can be seen foraging among them. People walking around the area will see plenty of birds and surveys have now identified over 50 different species in the wetlands including ducks, kingfishers, cormorants and raptors.

Not only birds are increasingly found in the wetlands – this week a Bellingen Snapping Turtle was seen sunning itself on a log. Hopefully more of these delightful small turtles will move into the area. When you wander around the wetlands, make sure you keep your eyes open for all our beautiful birdlife and other wildlife to be found here.

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