Wetlands Update

Wetlands News – February 2019

When we paid a visit to the wetlands on a beautiful Sunday evening in February, the area was looking at its absolute best. The remediated lagoon had the largest number of water birds we have seen in the area to date. The small islands and vegetation in the lagoon are growing well which affords excellent cover for these birds to raise young and avoid any predators.

Among the water birds we saw over 20 Eurasian Coots, more than 30 Pacific Black Ducks and several Hardheads with their distinctive white eyes and bills appearing distinctly white. The usual Rainbow Lorikeets, Little Corellas, Galahs and Magpies were flying overhead while Crested Pigeons and Masked Lapwings were wandering around on the mound looking for grubs and insects.

It was great to see other families visiting the site. We were only there about 40 minutes and saw another 12 people strolling through the area enjoying the coolness of the evening and the serenity of the wetlands.
While you’re there, remember to walk up to the top of the mound – the view is spectacular”.

Mandy & Tony Wright.

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