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Urunga Business and Community

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Our Core Drivers


UBC actively advocates on behalf of members and the community, at a local, state and federal level by collaborating with the local community and preparing submissions that share our expert knowledge, concerns and recommendations.

Network Events

UBC holds regular networking events. Check under networking events for our next event

Business Innovation

Access to expert insights to help you build a stronger business

Urunga Annual Lights Festival

With the help of our sponsors and grants Urunga Business and Community hold regular events

Workplace Help

Through our connection with Business NSW, we provide a wide range of practical advice and services to help our member businesses turn workplace challenges into real-world success.

Kalang River James Lander
Kalang River James Lander

Support other Community Groups

Collaboration with other community groups has led to regular events such as Kalang River Classic

Recent Projects by UBC

UBC Town Planter Boxes

Town Beautification

Planter Boxes, Bike Racks, Notice Board

  • Urunga looks better with the Planter Boxes
  • Locals can cycle into town and secure the bike with one of the new bike racks
  • New old fashioned notice board to pin your notices
  • Developing a Masterplan to ensure the town grows according to locals wishes

Notice Board

Urunga lacked a place where locals can put up notices. UBC decided to cover the cost of creating a local notice board which was made by The Men’s Shed Urunga. This was recently placed outside the Literary Institute on Bowra St.

  • How to imaprove your business
  • Business is the best plan in the world
  • How to start your own Business

Bike Racks

UBC recently applied for a grant for Bike Racks in Urunga

  • Grant was approved and 6 bike racks installed around Urunga
  • Reflections paid for and installed 2 at the Lido
  • Now locals can cycle into town and safely secure their bike
Our Leaders

We have a Great Executive Team

Andrew O'Keeffe - Secretary
Andrew O’Keeffe – Secretary
Rod Macpherson - President
Rod Macpherson – President
Janette Fairleigh - Treasurer
Janette Fairleigh
Bruce Miller -VP
Bruce Miller -VP
Jenny Sewell VP
Jenny Sewell VP
Team Member

Latest News

  • Latest News

    Media Release _ Urunga Business and Community (UBC) Issues and opportunities are always bubbling away in Urunga and the Urunga Business and Community Inc (UBC) ┬áthe local Chamber of Commerce, meets monthly to progress these on behalf of our members and community. In July over 60 guests attended Anchors Wharf to hear Bonza Airlines CEO,…

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  • Urunga has a real notice board again!

    Outside the Literary Institute on Bowra St, next to Artspace Urunga has a real noticeboard again!! – Outside the Literary Institute, between the ArtsSpace and the fish shop. Donated by Urunga Business and Community and made by The Mens Shed, you can now post your events, activities, for sale, etc. The usual rules apply- respect…

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